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BERGFEX: Wellvitalhotel BergBlick: Szálloda Balderschwang, Balderschwang

Wellvitalhotel BergBlick

87538 Balderschwang

68 Ágyak, 35 Szobák
Familie Torghele
Schlipfhalden 31, 87538 Balderschwang

Relax at the 4-star Hotel Allgäu

A holistic approach starts with little things and shows up on the whole. The untouched nature in Allgäu creates with its stunning mountain scenery and exceptionally clear air a wonderful backdrop for the

Welcome to the WellVitalhotel BergBlick

A place, where nature is not just supporting act: The 4-Star Superior WellVitalhotel BergBlick welcomes its guests in a feel-good atmosphere from day one. The philosophy of the house is based on a bio-energetic, region and sustainability focused concept. Fragrant, bright wood, open fireplace with sizzling fire and the new BergBlick SPA are symbols for the alpine setting at the edge of the Nagelfluhkette nature park. The hotel’s own relaxation forest and the large game enclosure together with the discreet hotel in Balderschwang result in a harmonious overall picture.



Ajánlatok Tél Wellvitalhotel BergBlick

kezdés 288 EUR
2 Éjjelek

aktív üdülés / sífutás / Téli átalány

Gültig -tól 14.12.2018 -ig 16.12.2018

kezdés 327 EUR
4 Éjjelek

aktív üdülés / rövid üdülés / ádventi általány

Gültig -tól 29.11.2018 -ig 20.12.2018

556 EUR
5 Éjjelek

karácsony/szilveszter / last minute / Téli átalány

Gültig -tól 21.12.2018 -ig 27.12.2018

476 EUR
5 Éjjelek

last minute / sífutás / Téli átalány

Gültig -tól 06.01.2019 -ig 11.01.2019

716 EUR
7 Éjjelek

sí-általány / sífutás / Hócipős vándorlás

Gültig -tól 06.01.2019 -ig 03.02.2019

1.428 EUR
7 Éjjelek

családi üdülés / sí-általány / Téli átalány

Gültig -tól 06.01.2019 -ig 03.02.2019


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services included

in our Hotel in Balderschwang

Allgäu enjoyment
• Exquisite breakfast buffet with hot food, freshly prepared omelets, smoked salmon, fine jams and honeys, regional delicacies and daily fresh pastries 7:30 to 10:30
• Afternoon buffet soup, healthy light snacks for in between 13:00 to 16:00
• All-day tea, water and fresh fruits at the tea bar
• Dinner: Menu with 4 choices of main course - choose the evening depending on the whim of your favorites. In our cozy parlors 18:30 to 21:00
• Gluten and lactose-free menus available on request gladly possible

• Panorama indoor pool
• sauna area with 4 different saunas
• Recreation room with warm crystal sounds
• Relax waiting lounge
• Panorama treatment cabins
• Beauty & Care
• Massage & Therapy
• relaxation area with panoramic
•Hair stylist
• Working area
• History transition to Kristallhütte with respiratory therapy courses
• Fresh spring water throughout the spa area on 3 sources

Allgäu active
• Extensive vitality week with Vital trainers -. Autogenic training, Mental Relaxation, Wirbelsäulengymnastik u v m..
• In-house feel relaxing forest with respiratory therapy courses
• Summer: hiking, biking, Nordic walking, jogging or swimming, golfing amidst a scenic setting just 20 minutes away from us..
• Winter: movement and balance with our Vital coaches: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, winter hiking
• In-house cross-country skiing school "Olympic"
• gym

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