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Videos Hintertuxer Gletscher / Hintertux

Videók Hintertuxer Gletscher / Hintertux

HÖHNER - Wir halten die Welt an live am Hintertuxer Gletscher Open Air 2018
6 months ago
eingetragen: 20.06.2018
Kidsslope Hintertux
9 months ago
eingetragen: 20.06.2018

Der neue Spaßparcours von Gletscherfloh Luis

Funslope Hintertux - neuer Spaß-Garant auf 2100m Seehöhe
1 year ago
eingetragen: 02.02.2017 - 895 Aufrufe
Hotzone Opening Hintertux 2015 - official report
3 years ago
eingetragen: 19.07.2016 - 745 Aufrufe

Successful Season Kick-Off at hotzone.tv Hintertux Opening 2015

Hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux 2015 Wrapup – October 1 to 4, 2015

This year’s hotzone.tv Park Opening at Hintertux Glacier/Austria once again created the unique opening feeling despite challenging weather conditions. While the clouds hung low all weekend, the opening visitors were avid testers of the latest snowboard gear, enjoyed jib sessions in the perfectly shaped Betterpark Hintertux, and celebrated the season kick-off at the legendary parties.

Hotzone Opening Hintertux 2014 - official highlights
4 years ago
eingetragen: 19.07.2016 - 858 Aufrufe

The 10th Anniversary was the Perfect Opening!
On Friday the snowboard community invaded the Tux Valley to herald the new season. They were awaited by an even larger Betterpark Hintertux: Over 30 obstacles, from the large line with XL tables to the medium and small lines and a jib paradise running all the way down to the park lifts, attracted old and young shredders alike. Many pros showed up over the course of the weekend, among them the Austrian elite like Gigi Rüf, Mathias Weissenbacher, Chris Kröll, Steve Gruber, Marco Feichtner, Michi Schatz, and Marvin Salmina, as well as international pros like Roope Tonteri (FIN), Seppe Smits (BEL), Mario Käppeli (SUI) and Ethan Morgan (GER) and top locals like Alex Walch, Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger. And there were plenty of sessions and contests, like the Alarm Clock Battle on Friday and the legendary Session of the Dudes on Saturday. That’s where the pros showed that they haven’t forgotten any of their skills over summer: Werni Stock (AUT) showed ‚best trick’ with a flawless switch backside 12, 17-year-old Rowan Coultas (UK) became ‚best rookie’, and the Belgian sensation Sebbe de Buck scored the title ‚best rider’ with his irresistible mix of style and versatility. The Cash for Trix down rail session on Sunday was dominated by talented groms, among them Fabian Fraidl, Thomas Wolf, Maxi Preissinger, Jonas Schäfer, Lorenz Vyslotzil, Bene Hofer and Jeremie Unterberger.

And the test area was constantly well attended. 27 of the hottest snowboard brands offered their latest gear for testing. „The interest and our test numbers are rarely as high as they were this year,“ a pleased Tobi Leyendecker from Mervin Manufacturing (Lib-Tech, Gnu, Roxy) sums the event up. „No doubt we will be back next year!“

In the valley, the vibes were also constantly positive: It started with the warm-up-parties on Friday including the video premieres of the Pirates („Perceptions“) and Capita („Stay Bad Ass“). The snowboard scene also gathered during the Aftershred Session at the Hintertux parking lot on Saturday and had a few relaxed afternoon drinks and got their adrenaline kick on the Original Bag Jump. However, the weekend’s party climax was the 10th Anniversary Opening Night at the Hohenhaus Tenne in Hintertux. Marten Hørger, currently one of the best electro and breakbeat DJs as well as Austrian’s top MC Average and FM4 DJ Phekt were on the turntables, supported by DJ NLP and other acts such as DJ Socom from London. The party was excessive and lasted until the wee hours of the morning.
Music: Way of Life - Chrisfader & Testa
Intro Rap: Average

Frühling am Hintertuxer Gletscher (Tirol, Österreich) - Schneebericht am 03.04.2014
4 years ago
eingetragen: 25.04.2014 - 5.101 Aufrufe

Schneebericht vom Hintertuxer Gletscher, welcher seinen Wintersportlern derzeit top Pistenverhältnisse und Sonnenschein bietet. Im Frühling laden diese Bedingungen in Österreichs einzigem Ganzjahresskigebiet zum Sonnenskilauf und Entspannen ein.

Alle Informationen zum Skigebiet Hintertuxer Gletscher gibt es hier: www.tirol.at/a-hintertuxer-gletscher

Mayrhofen & Hintertux GoPro 2013. What The Resort is Really Like!
5 years ago
eingetragen: 25.04.2014 - 1.797 Aufrufe

In March 2013 we met and interviewed a whole bunch of people in and around the resorts of Mayrhofen and Hintertux with the aim of getting the most honest review of the resorts possible.

We got insider tips, and general resort info from holidaymakers, ski instructors, comedians (there's a festival every year!) and lifties. So if you want to know what it's REALLY like, watch this.

Thanks to all who were gracious enough to take time out to chat with us.

We hope you enjoy the film...

If you'd like more information on the Mayrhofen ski area, then please visit www.mayrhofen.at

Filmed entirely at Mayrhofen and Hintertux, Tirol, Austria
Date: March 2013
Cameras: Chris Moran, James Fage
Editing: James Fage
Production: allconditionsmedia.com

I LOVE Betterpark Hintertux
5 years ago
eingetragen: 27.08.2013 - 1.773 Aufrufe

5 Lines - 1 Superpipe = 100 % Airtime
Die perfekt aus Schnee geformte Parklandschaft besteht aus 5 Lines (Pro Line, Medium Line, Easy Line, 2 Jib Lines) und wird von einem engagierten Shaper-Team täglich gewartet. Die 100 m lange Superpipe ist ein wahrer Traum für erfahrene Freestyler, die aus aller Welt nach Hintertux kommen, um dort zu trainieren.

5 Lines - 1 Superpipe = 100 % Airtime!
The perfectly formed snow park landscape consists of 5 lines (Pro Line, Medium Line, Easy Line, 2 Jib Lines) and is groomed daily by a dedicated team. The 100-m long super pipe is a dream come true for experienced freestylers, who come from all over the world to practice at Hintertux.


filmed by Julian Pintarelli

Hotzone Park Opening 2012 Hintertux : Daily Report - Saturday
6 years ago
eingetragen: 09.10.2012 - 2.402 Aufrufe

The weather conditions could not have been any better for the Saturday of this year's Hotzone.tv Park Opening. Despite last night's activities -- the fun- and goodie-filled UNIQUE8 premiere as well as the Pirates and the Shred Warm Up Parties -- the hungry snowboarders encountered many happy faces already quite early in the day. Blue sky, no wind and pleasant temperatures just above zero degrees made for the typical Opening flair in the busy test area and the Skullcandy Lounge and for perfect conditions in the Betterpark. At the Session of the Dudes a lineup of top riders like Marko Grilc, Chas Guldemond, Christian Haller and Gigi Rüf showed that the pro line is once again the benchmark in Europe. And while Roope Tonteri scored the Overall Winner trophy with his extremely technical tricks, local hero Werni Stock showed run after run that he was the clear winner in the Style category and the Best Rookie Award went to Tim Kevin Ravnjak from Slovenia. And apart from the big kickers rider crews and filmers swarmed around most other obstacles, too. It did not take long to spot a one-footed boardslide or a backside rodeo. In the afternoon, the Hintertux parking lot turned into an event arena: Bag Jump, tarp surfing, many other activities and a glass of beer in the sun were perfect to wind down after a day on the mountain. Tonight the dance floor of the Hohenhaus Tenne can be rocked during the Analog Opening Night. The Wax Wreckaz DJ collective, DJ NLP, local act SMOK1NG FING3RZ and London-based DJ IRK are a lot of reasons for a long night after a perfect Opening day. And on Sunday in the morning the focus is on the youngsters at the Billabong Kids Shoot, and all motivated shredders can re-finance their trip in the Cash for Trix Session starting 12:30.

Hotzone Snowboard Opening Hintertux 2011 - Full Report
7 years ago
eingetragen: 09.10.2012 - 1.626 Aufrufe

www.hot-zone.tv check out the full reports from an amazing weekend in Hintertux, Riders like Marko Grilc, Seppe and Anthony Smits, Markus Keller, Roppe Tonteri, Alex Walch, Herby Thaler or Peter König have their personal season start in Hintertux, Snowpark Shaper Wille Kaufmann did a good job preparing the Betterpark Hintertux. Massive parties at night with the Wax Wreckaz and Smits And Smart from Berlin, AnotherHighlight was the Argon Movie Premier - Euphoria. which is available to download for free at www.euphoria4free.com - The Billabong Kids shoot with Pleasure Photographer Markus "Fischi" Fischer was a big success too. Wolle Nyvelt and Seppi Scholler, both Billabong teamriders were coaching the kids. Outstanding kids were Roland Tschoder, Rowan Coultas and Kuba Hrones.

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