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Sífutás Flattach - Mölltaler Gletscher

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Cross-country skiing in Flattach and on the Mölltal Glacier

In the unique natural oasis of the Hohe Tauern National Park you will find everything a winter sports fan desires. The Carinthian resort of Flattach in the upper Mölltal - the village at the foot of * Mölltaler glacier * offers real winter holidays of a very special kind. The ski and sports arena Mölltaler glacier at 3,120m altitude is not only Carinthia's highest winter sports paradise, but also a whole special tipp for all skiers and snowboard fans.

A more than rich sports and leisure program appeals to all winter lovers, real individualists and the whole Family.

More than 20 km of cross-country trails run through the magnificent, white winter landscape.

Cross-country ski trail in Flattach
From Flattach a slight 20 km long trail (classic track and Skating track) in Mölltal leads to Gratschach/Obervellach.

Around the about 14 km away * Mallnitz * extends a network of 25 km of trails - classic track and partly Skating track

On Mölltaler Gletscher cross-country skiers will find a 2.5 km long trail. For this a ticket for the mountain railway is needed.
Open on request, information by phone 0043 4785 8110

At an altitude of around 2,000 m you will find the high-altitude trails Jamnigalm and the Mölltaler Gletscherloipe.

The trail network of the Mölltal has been awarded the Loipengütesiegel.

Numerous winter hiking trails, fast-paced toboggan runs as well as opportunities for skating or curling complete the extensive offer for all winter lovers and families.

Aktuális sífutópálya információ

Mesterséges pályák Áttekintés
klasszikus mesterséges pályák
20 km
Langlaufloipe Obervellach-Flattach-Stall. Derzeit geschlossen!
Skating sífutópálya
20 km
Langlaufloipe Obervellach-Flattach-Stall. Derzeit geschlossen!
Magaslati sífutó pálya
2.5 km
Rundloipe am Mölltaler Gletscher (bei der Mittelstation, 2.200m Seehöhe). In der Wintersaison 2020/2021 nicht in Betrieb!
Értékelés 2,5
6 Értékelések
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Intersport Mölltaler Gletscher, Bergstation Stollenbahn, 9831 Flattach, Telefon 0043 (0) 664 2252860

Sífutás Szerviz

Intersport Mölltaler Gletscher, Bergstation Stollenbahn, 9831 Flattach, Telefon 0043 (0) 664 2252860

Kapcsolat Turista iroda

TG Tourismusgemeinschaft Mölltaler Gletscher OG

Flattach 99, A-9831 Flattach
+43 (0) 4785 615
+43 (0) 4785 617

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