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Síterület Klausberg - Ahrntal

1.050 - 2.510m
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Klausberg - Ahrntal

1.050 - 2.510m

Pályaterv Síterület Klausberg - Ahrntal
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04.12.2021 - 24.04.2022
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Pályák Klausberg - Ahrntal

14 km (6)
14 km (9)
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33 km

Újítások Klausberg - Ahrntal

Cable car for 10 person "Panorama"
After acquiring the new 10-seater K-Express gondola lift in 2016, in summer 2018 the old Hühnerspiel chairlift will also be replaced after 20 years of faithful service by a new, modern 10-seater gondola lift. It will be appropriately named the Panorama and will become operational in time for the start of the winter season on 1 December 2018. With the capacity to transport 2,700 people per hour, this gondola lift will be one of the most efficient lifts in South Tyrol. That means long queues will be a thing of the past! The gondolas slow down as they approach the ground-level entrance and exit areas so that children can get on and off more easily.
The new lift will even have integrated heated seating to warm passengers up during the ascent on cold winter days. Besides that, the gondolas offer total comfort.

Family slope
Constructing the 10-seater Panorama gondola lift will mean a slight change to the route – the upper terminus is now considerably higher which means there is access to two new slopes. One of these slopes – located on the right-hand side of the upper terminus – will be classed as a red slope, and the other, on the left, will be a blue slope for beginners. The existing Hochrein 1 and Hochrein 2 slopes, as well as the middle section of the red slope, will be extended, widened and levelled out.

Come and have your own unique skiing experience.

Síterület Klausberg - Ahrntal

*Welcome to the Klausberg Skiarena in Ahrntal / Valle Aurina!*´

Our ski area lies on the Southern side of the Alps, in the heart of the Ahrntal/ Valle Aurina holiday paradise. The most modern lifts will take you up to every height at wind speed and you will enjoy the fantastic view of more than 80 three thousand meter high peaks.

Top prepared pistes of all difficulty levels, a powerful artificial snow plant and comfortable ski huts are a guarantee for a great holiday on ski.

Our staff on the pistes, at the lift stations, at the cash desk or at the parking area will do their best to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.
It is a promise!

Kapcsolat Síterület Klausberg - Ahrntal

Skiarena Klausberg AG
Enz Schachen 11, I-39030 Steinhaus

+39 0474 652155
+39 0474 652155
+39 0474 652083
Hegyi pályák Túristaszövetség

Nyitvatartás Nyár

23.05.2020 - 18.10.2020
Szám Liftek

08:30 Uhr bis 12:20 Uhr
13:00 Uhr bis 17:15 Uhr

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