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Snowboard & Skischule TOP Obertauern - Obertauern - Gyermek síiskola - Sífutó iskola - Sí guiding - Síiskola - Mélyhó sítúrák - Private Skiing Instructor

Snowboard & Skischule TOP...


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Winter sports fun with the Top Obertauern snowboard and ski school

The Top Obertauern snowboard and ski school in Salzburg offers not only classes in all winter sports (downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country, freeriding, beginners' courses for adults and children) but also lots of fun and enjoyment while you learn.

The ski instructors particularly enjoy the BOBO‘s KINDER-CLUB® courses. In these group classes, each child is given individual support. Classes start from the age of 3½ in Dwarf Lion Land which is right in the village and easy to reach, with its own car-parking and a hotel shuttle bus service. Magic carpets, colourful flags and poles, snow sails, a drag lift, tyres and much more make learning to ski child's play. The children are helped by BOBO the Penguin, who visits them on his skis nearly every day and does the exercises with them. The highlight of every course is the final racing and the awards ceremony, where every participant stands on the podium and receives a prize from BOBO himself.

At the Top Obertauern ski school, safety on the pistes is a high priority. That's why every course includes teaching the FIS rules in a way that children can understand. Children are also given a free helmet for the duration of the course. As for the groups of young people who may make the Fun Park dangerous, even with their instructors, the Head of the Avalanche Commission comes and gives the teenagers expert advice about behaviour on and off piste.

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