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BERGFEX: Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun - Síszabadság Bachledka Ski & Sun - Wintersportgebiet Bachledka Ski & Sun

Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun

Bachledka Ski & Sun

820 - 1.160m

Pályaterv Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun

Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun

The ski resort Bachledova at 820 - 1160 m above sealevel and offers seven ski lifts and ten slopes, mostly blue and quite moderate in steepness.

Beside the skiresort for skiing and snowboarding there are a lot of other winter attractions:

Nordic cross-country skiing
There are 3 cross country trails offered.

Bobsleigh track
The bobsleigh track is 1200 metres long, in an excellent location and designed with 15 curves guaranteeing a ride to experience. The track’s vertical drop is 111 m, maximum speed is 40 km/hr, and can carry 200 persons an hour. The bobsleigh track is operated year-round.

Tubing track
The tubing track can be used both in winter season. It is great fun for children and an adrenaline experience for adults. The track is 150 metres long and has 4 curves. Its vertical drop is 15 metres and the maximum speed is 20 km/hr.

The brave ones can get an adrenaline high here. The track is operated on the Hrebeň slope and is 800 metres long. The rafts have a maximum capacity of 6 persons.

Sightseeing tower
After the adrenaline there is the beautiful view of the Belianske Tatras and the Pieniny’s Three Crowns awaiting you from a 14-metre high sightseeing tower. The tower has four floors.

Source. bachledka.sk/

Kapcsolat Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun

Síterület Bachledka Ski & Sun

Bachledka Ski & Sun
Bachledova dolina 702, SK-059 55 Ždiar

+421 (0)52 4498101
+421 (0)52 449 81 01
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