The Three Ingredients for the Perfect Freestyle Shoot at the ACE Snowpark - ACE Snowpark und Crosspark


The Three Ingredients for the Perfect Freestyle Shoot at the ACE Snowpark

2017-03-09, 14:47
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ACE Snowpark und Crosspark

Hard work and a whole lot of dedication were some of the major elements of last week’s shoot at the ACE Snowpark in the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun. Snowboarders and freeskiers were pulling off some of their gnarliest moves in front of the cameras. Cinematographer Denis Janezic, the mastermind behind the lens, lets us in on the secret of what it takes for an action-packed shoot of the highest order.

The date is the 25 February 2017, it’s 08:32 a.m. and we’re located at the Valley Station Sedrun. Cinematographer Denis Janezic checks his equipment once more – alright, he’s ready to go. In about 15 minutes from now, he’ll be on his way up the mountain, accompanied by photographer Felix Pirker and a group of highly motivated riders, including the snowboarders Lukas Kabelka and Martin Ondrejovic as well as the freeskiers Elia Mannhart and Nando Riedi. All of them only have one goal in their mind - shredding the ACE Snowpark in the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun to pieces and coming up with plenty of top-notch photo and video footage.

First Ingredient: The Perfect Park
“The hardest part of my job is basically being completely dependent on the outdoors conditions. I’m only able to come up with good work if the park’s in good condition, the weather’s right and if there’s enough snow,” Denis points out. This day everything worked out perfectly, though. The riders were certainly more than impressed by the ACE Snowpark’s amazing setup. “The park’s totally shredable and, what’s more, you can take loads of labs thanks to the park’s own lift,” rider Lukas says, “plus, the chill area and the divine panoramic view are the icing on the cake.” Martin certainly agrees with Lukas, “Here you can find everything you need, the park combines all the important elements of an awesome freestyle playground.” It’s no wonder that the park ranks among the insider tips of the Swiss freestyle scene.

Second Ingredient: Top Riders
An awesome park’s certainly an essential aspect of a successful shoot. What’s the use of a park without a bunch of highly motivated freeskiers and snowboarders, though? During the warm up session, Denis had already noticed that the riders have some massive skills. The shred heads were particularly fond of the rail line, which becomes quite clear when looking at the photo and film output. “The positive vibes are the greatest part about my job. We’re all pulling the same string during the shoot, which basically means that if the atmosphere’s not good, the media output won’t be too great either,” the experienced cinematographer, who’s been in the business for over seven years, says. The riders certainly benefit from Denis’ years of experience as well, “Both, cinematographers and photographers come up with lots of cool ideas and tell us which obstacles would look best in the footage. It’s just a super effective way of working together,” as Elia puts it. That makes an experienced media crew the third essential ingredient!



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