Aigle - Leysin - Les Mosses

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Between vineyards, peaks and lakes, the region of Aigle, Leysin and Col des Mosses offers a wide range of activities for young and old. In addition to restaurants and bars, you can enjoy the wonderful nature: there is something for everyone!

Set off from Château d'Aigle and continue via Col des Mosses. You can discover this vineyard region both sportily and gastronomically. The historical aspects are not neglected either.

With the construction of the Château d'Aigle in the 12th century, the rich history and culture associated with it offers unforgettable discoveries and encounters. At the end of the beautiful route, you will enjoy the exceptional view of the villages of Leysin and Les Mosses at more than 2,300 m!

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Kapcsolat Aigle - Leysin - Les Mosses

Leysin Tourisme
Route de la Cité 27, CH-1854 Leysin

+41 24 493 33 00

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