BERGFEX-Időjáráselőrejelzés Altopiano di Selvino - Aviatico - Időjáráselőrejelzés Altopiano di Selvino - Aviatico - Időjárásjelentés

Val Seriana / Serio-Tal

Altopiano di Selvino - Aviatico

960 - 1.360m
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Altopiano di Selvino - Aviatico

960 - 1.360m

At an altitude of 1,000 metres in the heart of the Orobic Prealps is the Altipiano (High plain) of Selvino and Aviatico. Its fame comes from its marvellous natural mountain scenery, its walks, its tradition of hospitality, the efficiency of its services and from its modern sporting structure, as does the offer of events and celebrations that stud every period of the year, always able to fulfil the desires of those looking for a holiday or a weekend of unique good taste.

At just 20 kilometres from Bergamo and 60 from Milan, the Altipiano is easily accessible to its visitors. It also has transport connections with which to travel to the lower valley; in just eight minutes with the extraordinary views from its cable car: that is the way to begin a holiday with style.

Unforgettable holidays. That is the promise the Altipiano always maintains and is famous for its events and initiatives of great quality. Culture, music, sport, shows, entertainment and great guests: there’s something for everyone and for all age groups in this lush and infinite scene of beauty.


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IAT Val Seriana e Val di Scalve
via Europa 111/c, I-24028 Ponte Nossa

+39 035 704063
+39 035 0662593

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