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Come to have fun in Friuli Venezia Giulia choosing from four adventure parks. Do tarzaning, jumping from one liana to the other, following tracks on trees, across rope bridges.
From the mountains to the sea, you will find the park that best suits you. In the Tarvisio mountains, in the area of Sella Nevea, you will find the Sella Nevea Adventure Park, built in 2005 in a 8,000 smq wood and opened in May of 2006. Children from 3 years of age, youths and adults and whoever wants will have the chance to experience an eco-friendly adventure choosing from 5 tracks with growing levels of difficulty but suitable for everyone, with no particular physical training. The instructors follow the participants from the ground, controlling that safety rules are applied.
Along the Tagliamento, in Forni di Sopra, try the Dolomiti Adventure Park, which includes seven tracks suitable for all requirements and levels and the Powerfan: pure adrenaline with a jump of fifteen metres from the top of a tree.
In Piancavallo there is an Acrobatic Forest Park in a wonderful beechwood: you will have fun along five tracks, from the easiest one – the green one – to the very hard black one.
Next to the sea, in Sistiana, near Trieste, you can test your bravery at the Trieste Adventure Park, with its yellow, green, blue and red tracks, with growing levels of difficulty and with an approximate duration from 1 to 3 hours.


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