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Távolsági kerékpározás

EuroVelo 9 - Cities, wine, seed oil, and hot springs

Távolsági kerékpározás
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EuroVelo 9 - Cities, wine,...

Távolsági kerékpározás

155 - 981m
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The Bike Tour Euro Velo 9 is part of the European long distance bike tour network and connects on 1,930 kilometers, the Baltic Sea coast with the Adriatic. It goes straight through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe: from Gdansk across Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia to Pula in Croatia.

We present here the already finished section from Blansko / Brno in the Czech Republic to Maribor in Slovenia: A delightful tour through wine regions of hot spring to hot spring, through the City of Vienna and Styria up to Maribor in Slovenia. The tour leads past vineyards, historic towns and past pumpkin and corn fields, which, in Bad Radkersburg continuous identically with the Thermen Bike Tour until Vienna. Then the Euro Velo 9 introduces a stretcg along the famous Mur Bike Tour until Spielfeld where it branches-off to the south towards Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.



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The Euro Velo 9, which runs as the Thermen Bike Tour from Vienna to the Styrian-Slovenian border, is probably one of the most impressive bike trails in Austria: We ride from the small town Blansko north of the historic city of Brno in the Czech Republic through Lower Austria and Vienna - here the route is called the Amber cycle path - through the Vienna Woods and the Viennese Alps with the hot spring Linsberg Asia Spa in the direction of Styria, which we reach at Mönichwald. From the Lower Austria and Styria border it goes over some small hills, past the famous Styrian thermal baths such as Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Blumau or Loipersdorf to Mur at Bad Radkersburg where the thermal bath park is located. From here it goes up a notch on the Mur Bike Path to Spielfeld/ Sentilj where we branch-off towards, the European Capital of Culture in 2013 to Maribor, Slovenia.

The bike path is in addition to the numerous cultural attractions also a journey into paradise: wine specialties at wine taverns and wine taverns, the famous pumpkin seed oil, in the autumn sturm and chestnuts and much more are waiting to be tasted by us. Furthermore, soothing hot springs spas await us on our visit to rest our strained calves.

The subsequent stage classification is only one of many possible variants - we simply begin to cycle south, and let ourselves be led by the pleasurable impressions, whether landscapes or culinary temptations. Because once hooked, you should also sit down and spend a night in the romantic places along the route - every few kilometers awaits a host with its culinary specialties and gives us the opportunity to get to know the country and its people.


1st day stage: Blansko - Adamov - Bilovice nad Svitavou - Brno


With the start in the small town Blansko the route goes first through the South Moravian Karst with the remarkable chasm caves through beautiful valleys and places along the river Svitava to Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic, made famous by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Villa Tugendhart.

Length: 28.0 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 583 m / 656 m

Detailed information:



2nd day stage: Brno - Židlochovice - Pasohlávky - Nový Přerov - Mikulov


From Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic and made famous by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Villa Tugendhart, we cycle on the National Route No. 4 or 5 Vienna-Breclav past fields on a newly built bike path past Židlochovice and Ivaň to Thaya dam Nové Mlýny at Pasohlávky , a popular destination for swimming, fishing and water sports enthusiasts as well as an important bird sanctuary. This opens up for us a beautiful view of the Palava. Continue through the villages of Brod and Novosedly through alleys past Nový Přerov, where we turn to the Greenways route No. 41 Prague-Vienna. The newly renovated former military path, with resting places brings us through wine communities to Mikulov. This medieval town with its imposing baroque palace and the family vault of Dietrichsteiner lies at the foot of the Palava and counted once the second largest Jewish community after Prague in Bohemia.

Length: 73.2 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 442 m / 442 m

Detailed information:


3rd day stage: Mikulov - Lednice - Valtice - Břeclav / Poštorná - Reintal - Wilfersdorf - Mistelbach


From Mikulov we continue our journey on the former military route and paralell to the Iron Curtain bike path / Euro Velo 13 on the National Route No. 41 and travel through the small town of Sedlec in the parklands of the castle Lednice and Valtice chateau, both sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. On the so-called Liechtenstein route we can visit the entire area with many ponds and monuments including the castle park in Lednice. We continue through the Au forests to Břeclav. The city is today not only an important railway junction in the European transport network, but offers among other things also the originally built in the 16th century castle, which was rebuilt in the 19th century into a neo-Gothic Folly. The next few kilometers of the tour lead us to ruins and the hunting castle in Pohansko over to the Czech-Austrian border at Reintal. From here the route continues now on quiet side roads across the wine district. Our route leads us today past the typical for the wine district romantic cellar lanes on Altlichtenwarth and Neusiedl an der Zaya to Mistelbach with its cute town center. The Liechtenstein Palace in Wilfersdorf and Erödmuseum in Neusiedl an der Zaya invite for a small break.

Length: 81.5 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 511 m / 521 m

Detailed information: and


4th Day stage: Mistletoe Bach - Loading village - Hernleis - Under Olbersdorf - Wolkersdorf - Vienna


Today's route takes us through the south part of the wine district to Vienna. Throughout the cellar lanes with wine tastings and regional delicacies invite. The moat castle Wolkersdorf and cultural landscape Paasdorf, a modern sculpture park in the middle of vast agricultural fields, offer short entertaining tours. Delightful is also a bike tour along the a nostalgic-experience-Route „ Dampfross und Drahtesel” between Pillichsdorf and Stammersdorf. Along the way, stories of the railway, railway relics and art objects serve as a guide.

 Length: 65.3 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 370 m / 379 m

Detailed information: and



5th day stage: Vienna - Baden - Bad Vöslau - Wiener Neustadt - Bad Erlach


In Vienna, we should probably plan a slightly longer stopover, no? St. Stephen's Cathedral, Schönbrunn, the State Opera and and and ... the list of sights you could see extend endlessly. But we're here for cycling and thus we leave again Vienna with its extensive network of cycle paths. From Inzersdorf the Euro Velo 9 runs as the Thermen Bike Tour past the known wine regions of Guntramsdorf, Gumpoldskirchen, Baden and Bad Vöslau into the wine country spa region of the Vienna Woods. Previously, shortly after Laxenburg, the bike path meets the Wiener Neustadt Canal. In the 19th century, wood, coal and brick were shipped along the waterway. From once 50 locks many steps are still preserved on the go to "entertain" the biker with funny water games. From Gumpoldskirchen beautiful views open up to the foothills of the Vienna Woods, with its picturesque vineyards. Wiener Neustadt invites with the beautiful historic old town to a stopover before we reach Bad Erlach with its spa.

Length: 72.5 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 347 m / 220 m

Detailed information: and



6th day stage: Bad Erlach - Scheiblingkirchen - Grimm stone - Aspangbahn - Mönichkirchen


From Bad Erlach the trail leads enjoyable through a paradise for the eyes, as the region’s Viennese Alps dominate the landscape: through the Pitten valley the route goes through the Hunchback world where so many views are granted of the mighty mountains of the Vienna Alps, Rax and Schneeberg. Before the rise to Mönichkirchen it is advisable to again take a rest before you climb the highest point of the entire Euro Velo 9.

Length: 35.1 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 882 m / 254 m

Detailed information:



7th day stage: Mönichkirchen - Friedberg - Lafnitz - Hartberg - St. Johann in der Haide - Bad Waltersdorf


We start in the idyllic village of Mönichkirchen and ride right into the Eastern Styria, which is also affectionately known as the Garden of Austria: juicy forests, fresh air, beautiful views and Styrian hospitality are encountered on the way from the high exchange via Pinggau, Friedberg and Dechantskirchen into the romantic old town of Hartberg, where a stopover is an absolute must. Hartberg itself also offers a short detour into the Pöllauer valley, which offers culinary delights such as the “Hirschbirne” or the “Ölmühle Fandler.”

From the kingdom of the “Hirschbirne”, the Pöllauer Valley retour of the Euro Velo 9, which is called here as well as in Lower Austria Thermen Bike tour, the journey continues past St. Johann an der Haide to the first Styrian thermal baths, which are today's destination at the same time. From a distance we see it already: the particularly popular with families H²0 Therme in Sebersdorf and the thermal spa Bad Walter village that counts with numerous awards to the best spas in Europe. However we meet also here again and again, the East Styrian Roman Wine Road and as the saying goes where in Styria there are wine routes, wine taverns are also not far away, must visit!

Length: 53.9 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 764 m / 1,324 m

Detailed information:



8th day stage: Bad Waltersdorf - Bad Blumau - Burgau - Fürstenfeld - Loipersdorf


Back from the spa, the Thermen Bike Tour takes us today past the moat castle Burgau to the most habitable work of art, the Rogner Bad Blumau. Planned by Friedensreich Hundertwasser this thermal bath is certainly one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in Austria. But not only the spa itself is exciting: Unique among spas in Austria is that two on-site, healing springs supply the Rogner Bad Blumau with strength, warmth and energy. Our route takes us past the 1000 year-old oak further south to more hot springs and wine routes, such as the Thermal Region Wine Route or the Wine Road Klöcher. We also make a short trip to Burgenland and cross the Lafnitz, the border between Styria and Burgenland. Past Deutsch-Kaltbrunn we return back to Styria to the spa capital Fürstenfeld that welcomes us with the Pfeilburg, an impressive museum, and Europe's largest outdoor swimming pool and excellent restaurants and shopping in the center of town. After the golf course Loipersdorf outside Fürstenfeld the and probably "liveliest" of all spas, Loipersdorf, awaits us.

Length: 38.3 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 340 m / 399 m

Detailed information:



9th day stage: Loipersdorf - St. Anna am Aigen - German Haselsdorf - Bad Radkersburg


From the Loipersdorf thermal baths we arrive at the beginning of our stage over a ridge the Raabtal where we meet for rendezvous the Thermen Bike Tour and the well-known and popular family bike path Raabtal Bike tour in the Raab-Auen. We continue cycling along the Thermen Bike Tour through shady forests and past open fields, graceful vineyards along the Burgenland and Styrian border to St. Anna / Aigen where the sommelier Ljubo Vuljaj in the total Styrian wine cellar invites you to taste the best wines of Styria. Also the view from here over the entire spa and wine region to Slovenia and the Hungarian plain is simply stunning. From St. Anne's the route runs now down to the Kutschenica, the delicate border river between Styria and Slovenia. Once more we follow the Thermen bike tour which leads to a ridge in Deutsch-Haseldorf in the wine region Kloch before it only goes downhill towards the Mediterranean-style town of Bad Radkersburg, the goal of our stage. Here the historic old town, the hot springs of the Thermal bath Park, the Murauen and the proximity to Slovenia's neighbors invite to stay and to "Limitless cycling".

Length: 58.5 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 619 m / 744 m

Detailed information:



10th day stage: Bad Radkersburg - Mureck - pitch / Sentilj - Maribor


All kinds of water accompany us on the final stage: the thermal springs in Bad Radkersburg as a place of relaxation, the Mur as a guideline, the Röcksee for bathing. We cycle today truly upriver against the current, on the Mur Bike Path to Spielfeld. But the pleasant thing is: the incline is practically negligible as the entire region is very flat and so wide in this section, in the south of Austria, that oncoming traffic is no problem. The Mur Bike path holds true among connoisseurs as one of the most beautiful river bike trails in the Alps. It takes in the National Park Hohe Tauern its exit and accompanies the Mur to the estuary in Croatia. In the north are the mountains, which act as a companion, in the south there are the fields with corn typical of Ölkürbissen ande Auen landscapes, which lie not far away from the vineyards. And in between, cities such as Graz, the culinary capital of Austria and European Capital of Culture in 2003 two UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in the Old Town and Schloss Eggenberg, whose flair is a wonderful addition to the rich experiences of nature.

From Bad Radkersburg we drive to the west and go to Mureck, a charming little town with two destinations, which must be easy to visit: the Murecker ship mill that is used for grinding is still in operation and also the location of an excellent restaurant, and the seed oil mill Sixt, where you can learn everything about "The Green Gold of Styria". The journey continues on to Spielfeld where we keep heading south and cross the Austrian-Slovenian border and arrive on the Amber route No. 11 after a few miles Maribor, the Capital of Culture of 2013.

Length: 58 km

Altitude ascending / descending: 397 m / 332 m

Detailed information: and

Höchster Punkt
981 m


The right bike: touring bike or city bike, racing bikes are not really recommended.

Mishaps can happen - but rarely in front the door one of the many service centers: a basic equipment of tools and accessories therefore never hurts! Spare tube and / or patch kit, universal wrench, air pump, brake and shift cable and a screwdriver can never hurt.


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Travelling with children: the tour is suitable for children with ample cyclicing experience.


Der EuoVelo 9 in Tschechien:

Tourismuszentrale Südmähren
Radnická 2, 60200 Brno
Tel. +420 542 211123


Der EuroVelo9 in Österreich:

Niederösterreich Werbung
Niederösterreichring 2, Haus C, 3100 St. Pölten
Tel. +43  2742 9000 9000,,

Steiermark Tourismus
St.-Peter-Hauptstraße 243, 8042 Graz
Tel. +43 316 4003,


Der Eurovelo 9 in Slowenien:

TIC Maribor
Partizanska cest 6a, 2000 Maribor
Tel. +386 22 346611


Rückreise von Maribor über Graz und Wien nach Blansko/Brno: Diese erfolgt mit den Österreichischen Bundesbahnen, nähere Informationen unter

Die Steiermark Touren App, die gratis auf Google Play und im App Store zur Verfügung steht (Android, iOS), bietet detaillierte Informationen aus erster Hand: Shortfacts (Länge, Dauer, Schwierigkeit, Aufstieg und Abstieg in Höhenmetern, Bewertungen), Karte, Wegbeschreibungen, Höhenmesser, Kompass, Gipfelfinder, Navigation entlang der Tour. Zudem kann man seine persönliche Favoritenliste von Lieblingstouren und –punkten erstellen, Touren und Ausflugsziele offline speichern, social media - Kanäle bespielen und mehr.

From Vienna via the A5 North Highway and the E461 via the border crossing Drasenhofen to Brno and only a few kilometers away to the small town Blansko. 

For more information:

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

From Vienna with the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) to Brno. Accurate schedule information on


More information about parking opportunities in Brno can be found at the Tourism Information center Brno.

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