Gösser Braumuseum

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A journey through the time in the brewing museum in Göss"

How are highest quality ingredients transformed into Austria´s best beer? What is it that makes Gösser beer so unique?

In the brewing museum in Göss you will not only find everything worth knowing about the art of brewing - you will also find out personally that there is something very special about the Gösser beer. And then top it off with a freshly drawn Gösser beer. First impressions can also be gained by taking our virtual brewery tour.

Combine the visit of the Brewing Museum with a visit of the Cathedral Göss - here the nonns brewed the first beer hundreds of years before the brewery was founded.

Contact: Gösser Braumuseum, Brauhausgasse 1 - 8700 Leoben, 0043/(0)3842/2090-5802
www.goesser.at - braumuseum@goesser.at

Opening: Reservation for groups necessary.


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