Discover the Region Seefeld - Tirols Hochplateau on two wheels

An active vacation in the towns of Seefeld, Leutasch, Mösern-Buchen, Reith and Scharnitz offers a varied terrain for biking with the whole family from the spring months until late autumn. Numerous bike trails along the entire Region Seefeld - Tirols Hochplateau are ideal for pleasure bikers, action lovers and small explorers. The varied routes in different degrees of difficulty and many connection possibilities make a tour in nature an unforgettable experience.

Comprehensive safety concept
In addition to the most modern bikes, the necessary safety equipment is also provided at the rental points. In addition, our bike guides offer special beginner and refresher courses. This enables guests to enjoy the best possible safety from A to Z during a vacation day on two wheels. Starting with a safe trail concept and ending with uniform signage, biking and cycling in the Region Seefeld covers all safety aspects.
Many businesses in the Region Seefeld - Tirols Hochsplateau offer their guests (in cooperation with regional sports dealers) the possibility of a service mobile in case of breakdowns.

With lots of energy and the latest technology
The trend of e-bikes enjoys increasing popularity among seniors as well as among young explorers. E-bikes not only provide support in more demanding sections of a bike route, they also enable more extensive tours that can be mastered with ease as well as a challenge. Thus, e-biking in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps leads to a lot of fun with impressive ease.

Biking with the help of energy has long since become a trend sport in the Alps. Wherever the eye looks, a battery adorns the bike. Anyone who now thinks that these are bikers with weak physical condition or older gentlemen is mistaken. Thanks to trendy e-bike designs and modern technology, the e-bikes are also ideal for riding in difficult terrain or downhill. The previously somewhat dusty image of e-bikers has long since established itself in dynamic mobility for young and old. With the help of energy, the Region Seefeld can be explored in a very special way.

To discover this trend for yourself does not necessarily require a sporting condition. Although you should be in good physical shape, because despite the supports muscle parts are stressed and the pulse is increased, but thanks to different modes such as Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, the power of the e-bike adapts to the route and descent. This means that steep sections can also be mastered with ease, providing a magnificent view of the imposing nature of theRegion Seefeld - Tirols Hochplateau.


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