Alpine paradise Gaistal

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The romantic Gaistal offers still untouched nature.

The romantic Gaistal in Leutasch in Tyrol, where the beauty of untouched nature still characterizes the landscape, extends from Oberleutasch-Klamm westward into the alpine world between the Mieminger chain and the Wetterstein mountains. The central starting point for hikes to the managed alpine pastures as well as the numerous mountain huts and shelters are the five parking lots between Klamm and the end of the public road at Salzbach. At the hikers' parking lot (P4), you will find the idyllic Salzbach nature tip.

The magnificent high valley is on the one hand the realm of alpine pastures, on the other hand one with ursrpünglicher and unmistakable mountain nature. Here there are still extensive hunting grounds for roe deer, chamois and stag, while the golden eagle nests in the walls of the Wetterstein mountains. The Gaistal was also one of the favorite places of the poet Ludwig Ganghofer, who had his hunting lodge above the Tillfußalm.
With his famous novel "Das Schweigen im Walde" (The Silence in the Forest) he has set a worthy souvenir to the valley. Other works were also written in his hunting lodge "Hubertus". Ganghofer liked to retreat here to seek relaxation and to indulge in his passion, hunting.

We ask you as a visitor of our alpine landscape to respectfully adapt to this beautiful landscape. Meet the nature and the animals with respect and follow the appropriate signs on our alpine pastures to avoid risky situations.


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