Mils bei Imst

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Mils bei Imst

From the roman junction to the "Powerful Center" of the vacation region Imst

The medieval remains of the Via Claudia Augusta prove that even the Romans appreciated mils. As the only Roman imperial road
the Via Claudia Augusta led from the Adriatic Sea across the Alps to
Augsburg. Inns and stables were built along a prominent stretch of road, the "Milser Gstoag", to provide accommodation for the travelers. Little by little, individual
Houses along the road a lively village - favored and protected by the surrounding nature of the Milserberg and the Au. From historical times as an important rest stop, the village has learned to preserve its natural tranquility. Maybe this is the reason why Mils is today a synonym for real recreation. Walking paths, green meadows and sunshine - here you just have to stroll. Even though the Romans are long gone and Mils has experienced a lot, it has never lost its special charm. On the contrary.

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Imst Tourismus
Johannesplatz 4, A-6460 Imst

+43 5412 6910 42
+43 5412 6910 8

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  • Imster Bergbahnen
    04.05.2022 - 30.10.2022 (2 Liftek)
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