Mösern / Buchen

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Mösern / Buchen

On Tirols Hochplateau at 1,245 meters above sea level lies the sunny mountain village of Mösern with the hamlet of Buchen. With a unique view over the Inn valley towards the Arlberg and the surrounding mountains, Mösern-Buchen impresses with its homely charm and promises a vacation in a unique oasis of peace. The smallest pearl of the Region Seefeld - Tirols Hochplateau enchants with idyll, farsightedness and a varied sportive as well as culinary offer.

The small vacation region Mösern-Buchen is known for its fine cuisine and the high quality of the offer. From the exclusive hood restaurant in the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Buchen, member "The Leading Hotels of the world" with a Gault Millau award, to specialty restaurants and traditional Tyrolean cuisine, Mösern-Buchen offers a wide culinary range for gourmets and gourmets.

Who would like to see in the vacations also cultural characteristics, is in Mösern exactly correct. The mighty, free-standing peace bell on a hill with a magnificent view over the Upper Inn Valley symbolizes the cohesion of the countries of the Alpine region and is rung daily at 17:00 for peace. Numerous traditional fences characterize the cultural landscape in Mösern and are part of the identity and are among the oldest testimonies of rural culture. The fences, built over the centuries and still maintained today, are intended to revive tradition, preserve knowledge and skills and emphasize the rural character of the village. Another jewel is the small mountain farm museum Ropferstub'm, which presents collector's items from the 19th and 20th century.

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Mösern / Buchen
Mösern / Buchen

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Kapcsolat Mösern / Buchen

Region Seefeld – Tirols Hochplateau / Informationsbüro Mösern/Buchen
Möserer Dorfstraße 11, A-6100 Mösern

+43 50880 20
+43 50880 21

Kérdés és Prospektusrendelés Szállások

Kapcsolat Hegyi pályák

Schischule Mösern
Möserer Dorfstrasse 28, A-6100 Mösern

+43 5212 4736
Kérdés és Prospektusrendelés
Tavak Mösern / Buchen
Hegyi pályák Nyári nyitvatartás
Szálláshely keresése Mösern / Buchen
Ajánlatok és Átalányok Mösern / Buchen


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