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In the Leithaauen tourism region, on the eastern slope of the Parndorf plateau, lies the large municipality of Nickelsdorf. Surrounded by meadows, forests and fields, the village blends harmoniously into the tranquil, lovely landscape.
The romantic river landscape of the Leitha, with its diverse flora and fauna, invites you to explore. There is a wide range of leisure activities on offer; four tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, a public sports field, a skating facility, cycling and hiking trails and a natural ice-skating rink ensure sporting activity and exercise in the great outdoors.
The cosy inns and wine taverns invite you to take a break and refresh yourself.

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Kapcsolat Nickelsdorf

Tourismusverband Nickelsdorf
Obere Hauptstraße 3, A-2425 Nickelsdorf

+43 2146 2201
+43 2146 220122

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