Obersaxen Mundaun

1.100 - 2.900m
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Obersaxen Mundaun
1.100 - 2.900m

Nature is our inspiration. An invitation to you to take part in activities great and small. The Obersaxen air at 1,200 m and above is wonderfully clear and refreshing. Our Mundaun water courses are alive - and they enliven.
Particularly the body, but also the spirit, and the soul. Much is said about intact nature. We have it. Genuine
nature - in all its diversity. As far as the eye can see - and inspiring us to undertake a range of activities.
Or to take a relaxing break.

Obersaxen is different. You can sense this always and everywhere. Obersaxen is not a tourist hot-spot for
holidaymakers looking for the high life, but a holiday idyll for guests who are looking for something more
contemplative - in the form of active and passive little adventures. Obersaxen is not an activity centre but a
typical, traditional Walser community consisting of 29 hamlets which surprise us every day with something
new and extraordinary. Obersaxen is proud to be a bit different.

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Obersaxen Mundaun
Obersaxen Mundaun
Obersaxen Mundaun
Obersaxen Mundaun

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  • Obersaxen Mundaun
    08.07.2023 - 22.10.2023 (3 Liftek)
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