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The Tricolour flag and its history
The Italian flag was born in Reggio Emilia, and the town, first among the cities of Italy, is proud of it. A visit to the Tricolour Flag Hall and the dedicated Museum, which connects the history of Italian Risorgimento with the contemporary political events in Reggio Emilia that led to the birth of the flag, is one of the things that must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Not only Tricolour, but also archaeology, nature, ethnography, holy art, authentic paintings and author's fakes, antiquities and contemporary art works. All this and much more is housed and kept in the museums and exhibition seats of Reggio Emilia and Province. Each one has its peculiarity and promotes cultural events all year.

Faith, art, history and ideals intertwine each other in the churches, basilicas and monasteries of Reggio Emilia and its Province: from the smaller and full of historical episodes to the richer and majestic ones. Whether they are astonishing caskets of treasures and art works or just places of peace and reflection, every church has its own unique story and hidden secrets to be unveiled to all those who decide to dedicate to them a few hours of the stay in the town.

Erbazzone and enogastronomy of Reggio Emilia
For breakfast, lunch or dinner, after a walk or easily seated chatting with friends you cannot forget to taste the most tipical food of Reggio Emilia: the Erbazzone, a salty pie rich in flavour because of spinach, chrds, ricotta chees, onions and, of course, Parmigiano Reggiano. There are several versions of it from the Po river to the Apenines, but each one preserves the unmistakable flavour of Reggio Emilia.


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