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Schützen am Gebirge, still often called "Gschiaß" in the dialect, is a typical northern Burgenland wine-growing community with a strong village character, the last village on the Wulka before it flows into Lake Neusiedl, nestled between the Ruster Hügelland and the Leitha Mountains. Approx. 1000 hectares of forest, 700 hectares of farmland and 350 hectares of vineyards with around 250 winegrowers.

The original Schmalanger village with its partially preserved gabled house ensembles is the perfect place to relax and unwind. In the village centre is the village square with the fountain, a ceramic work by local artist Robert Schneider, and behind it on the façade of the parish hall is the stained glass window "Maria Magdalena" by Prof. Erich Stanschitz.

The parish church with its baroque west façade, surrounded by the defence wall, is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. Well-maintained and renovated wayside shrines are scattered throughout the municipality. Some of them are bordered by tarmac roads, as is the R 50 cycle path, which provides a connection to the provincial capital on the one hand and the Lake Neusiedl cycle route on the other.

The Goldberg, the highest elevation in the Ruster Hügelland at 224 metres above sea level, was declared a fully protected nature reserve in 1973 due to its special flora (dry grassland, downy oaks, variety of flowers). From here you can also enjoy a magnificent panoramic view across the lake to Frauenkirchen and across the Wulka valley to the Schneeberg.

The Fürstlich-esterhazysche Tiergarten, a forest and hunting reserve on the Leitha Mountains, is not open to the general public, but offers hunting enthusiasts special opportunities.

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