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St. Lorenzen im Lesachtal

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St. Lorenzen im Lesachtal


The biggest village of the Lesach valley

Set amid green meadows on a broad level, location, bounded on the north by dark woods and protected by the majestic rocky flanks of the southern Lienz Dolomites, lies the largest enclosed city of the Lesachtal. The fairly large parish village of St. Lorenzen does in and of itself, but still more by its beautiful surroundings, the most favorable impression, and has a panoramic as you look at a can not do such a romantic song written by the Carinthian Prince Thomas Koschat.

In St. Lorenzen is the "education center" of the valley with the main school and the school. The Tuffbad, a spa is located in a valley and, with the Almwellness offers an enriching experience for every guest in the valley!

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Tourismusverband Lesachtal
Liesing 29, A-9653 Liesing

+43 (0)4716 24212
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