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Weißsee Glacier World

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The mountain experience for the entire family in the province of Salzburg!

2 children under 12 years FREE (accompanied by their parents).

In the heart of the Nationalpark!
In a comfrortable six-seat gondola on floats gently past a landscape of three lakes in a high-alpine hiking and vantage-point Eldorado, a clacier world of 3.000-metre peaks and unique panoramas.
The route leads from the small village, Uttendorf along the Stubach valley panorama road through one of the most impressive Tauern valleys to the starting point of this mountain experience - the Enzingerboden (1.480 m). From here one floats over the Grünsee middele station (1.740 m) to the upper station and the mountainhotel Rudolfshütte on the Weißsee (2.315 m). The chairlift Medelz leads to the Medelzplateau (2.600 m). In the Weißsee Glacier World is revealed a high-alpine holiday world as an invitation to unforgettable tours for young and old.

Organised tours for the entire family are also offered. Depending on weather conditions and number of participants. More information and registration at the tourist office Uttendorf/Weißsee.

Monday 10 a.m. Family hike day

Tuesday 09 a.m., easy hike Journey to the Arctic
09.30 a.m. Experience tour Tauernmoossee dam
Wednesday 09 a.m., for more practiced hikers Kalser Tauern hike
an icefree alpine crossing to East Tyrol
Thursday 09.30 a.m. Experience tour Tauernmoossee dam
Friday 09 a.m., for practiced hikers, guided high glacier tour to one
of the 3.000 m peaks
10 a.m. nature-experience mountain wood Wiegenwald - excursion
with a guide through the forest in the Stubach valley.

Opening times: 11.06. until 25.09.2016


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