Walch's Camping
6751 Innerbraz
kezdés 26,30 EUR
1 Éjszaka

Cheap sleeping rooms for 2-4 persons

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02.12.2022 -ig 16.04.2023
Schlafzimmer im Campinggebäude (Shared Room)
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Cheap sleeping rooms for 2-4 persons from EUR 26,30 per person in the camping building. The camp building received awards from ADAC & ANWB touring Club as TOP camping Europe. It is best rated under camping.info. You waive any amenities and have everything on the spot: Lounge with TV, fridge and hot & cold vending machines, children’s room & 220 m² wellness area.


You can use the 220 m² spa area. The Klostertal-Arlberg guest card with reduced and all-inclusive activities is already included in the price. The visitor tax of EUR 2,50 per person/day away from 14 days you have to charge extra.

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30 Leállóhely
Thomas Walch

Arlbergstr. 93, 6751 Innerbraz - Odautazás

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