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BERGFEX: Appartement Sennhütt'n: Szabadidő-lakás/ Panzió Finkenberg, Tux - Finkenberg

Appartement Sennhütt'n

6292 Finkenberg

Szabadidő-lakás / Panzió
22 Ágyak, 2 Szobák, 6 Appartmanok
Notburga Mast
Persal 201, 6292 Finkenberg

Welcome to our apartments Sennhütt`n Finkenberg, just opposite bottomstation of the Finkenberger Almbahnen

Hello and welcome to our new extented "Cafe Sennhütt`n"

If you would like to stay in your holidays on a lovely spot of Finkenberg with a fantastic view onto Mayrhofen and the Zillervalley mountains (Brandberger Kolm, Ahorn, Tristner and Grünberg) you have found the right place in our house - apartment Sennhütt`n.

Our apartment house is next to the Finkenberger Almbahnen - entry for the famous skiarea Zillertal 3000
The busstop going to Hintertux-Glacier and Mayrhofen (doing a bit of shopping there) - is also quite close; also in walking distance you will find the icerink in winter or tenniscourts and openair swimmingpool in summer or hairdresser´s and supermarket.

Our 6 apartments for 2 - 6 people with a marvelous view

The apartments are all well furnished;
we would like you to give you an unforgetable holiday, helping you in a friendly way to make you a plesent stay.
If you are not in the mood for preparing breakfast or cooking - so let us spoil you!

Breakfast: in the morning you will find an excellent breakfast buffet
Afternoon: what about a cup of tea or coffee with some lovely homemade cake or snack?
Dinner: Our daughter and cook Stefanie will offer you a menue with special food - using products from the area; or if you are longing for something special - let it Stefanie know and she will arrange something special for you; (please book one day in advance)

Our special offer: some cooking lessons
If you would like to know how to cook the delicious menue you have eaten ask Stefanie for some lessons; she will give you the recepies and let you have a look into the secrets of Tyrolian cooking
(For 2 - 4 people); our offer: "Austrian and Tyrolian specialities"; "Going on a cooking journey with Stefanie", "Cooking for people in love or being in love (again): HE (SHE) will cook for Her (HIM)!"
We are looking forward to seeing you in our sweet home
Family Burgi and Christian Mast with Stefanie and baby Paul and Christians jun.


Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung


  Főszezon Vor-/Nebensaison Főszezon Vor-/Nebensaison
Éjszakázás 105 €
-ig 235 €
102 €
-ig 194 €
64 €
-ig 116 €
64 €
-ig 116 €
reggelivel 125 €
-ig 280 €
122 €
-ig 269 €
84 €
-ig 156 €
84 €
-ig 156 €
Félpanzió 159 €
-ig 343 €
- - -
All-inclusive - - - -

Preise pro Tag für 2 bis 4 Personen ohne Verpflegung im Appartement
Zusatzkosten: Ortstaxe Euro 1,50 pro Person (über 14 Jahre) und Tag
Kurzaufenthaltszuschlag: 1 Nacht 30% 2 Nächte 20% 3 Nächte 10% 4 Nächte 5%

Einmalige Endreinigung: 50 € -ig 60 €

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