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Síterület Fuentes de Invierno

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Fuentes de Invierno

1.494 - 1.940m

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Síterület Fuentes de Invierno

The ski resort Fuentes de Invierno, located in the heart of the Massif Central Asturias, offers total of 8.7 km of slopes, which are divided in 15 runs on different difficulty: 3 green runs, 3 blue, 6 red and 3 black. In this way all skiers in Fuentes de Inverno all winter sports enthusiasts, equally addressed by experts to novices.

The area has modern ski lifts: 3 chair lifts, 1 ski lift and 1 conveyor belt allow the transport of 8,200 persons per hour. At the base station and the neighboring village of La Raya, see a number of infrastructural facilities: ski rental and service, ski school, cafeteria-restaurant with a strategic position on the road. Also are some 700 hotel beds of all kinds are available: hotels, apartments, camping, cottages, etc.

Romanesque churches, stately homes, wells and other examples of industrial culture change with a beautiful natural landscape and so dominate the historic landscape of this region: Discover and experience the gorges of the River Aller or the Foces del Pino. And all this is just around 70 km from Oviedo and approximately 84 km from Leon.

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