BERGFEX: Síterület Nendaz / 4 Vallées - Síszabadság Nendaz / 4 Vallées

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Síterület Nendaz / 4 Vallées

1.350 - 3.330m
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Nendaz / 4 Vallées

1.350 - 3.330m

Pályaterv Síterület Nendaz / 4 Vallées
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Pályák Nendaz / 4 Vallées

144 km
180 km
18 km
Freeride/ Útvonalak
78 km
420 km

Újítások Nendaz / 4 Vallées

Nendaz Touring Tracks by Movement
There are those who love to hurtle down the snow-covered slopes and others who have just as much pleasure... in climbing up them! It is for these that Nendaz offers 4 cross-country ski itineraries representing some 15 kilometres. These trails are signposted and divided into two levels of difficulty (blue and red), one starting from Haute-Nendaz and three from Siviez.

Electric snowmobiles for children
Children can try out a snowmobile in all safety. On a closed and marked circuit close to the snow-kindergarten of Tracouet they will certainly enjoy this new way of sliding! Specially designed for ages 5-12, these snowmobiles are silent and non-polluting because they are electric.

Síterület Nendaz / 4 Vallées

In the heart of the ‘4 Vallées’ ski domain

Nendaz is located in the heart of one of the biggest ski domains in Europe, the ‘4 Vallées’. With this fantastic situation Nendaz offers more than 400 km of ski runs and 92 ski lifts. Nendaz’s ski domain, unique and varied, ranges in altitude from 1’400 m to 3'330 m. Most of the ski runs are at over 1700 m in altitude and those leading back to
the resort are equipped with artificial snow canons, which guarantee high quality snow conditions from December to April.

The ski domain is vast and extremely varied. It lives up to all levels of both skiers and snowboarders expectations. From the experienced sportsmen and women on the Mont-Fort slopes to the beginners on the frozen lake of Tracouet, everybody can find what they are looking for with runs adapted to their skiing or snowboarding capacities.

Numerous mountain restaurants offer the opportunity to the guests to make the most of the panoramic views whilst recharging their batteries in beautiful natural surroundings.

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