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The Superpark Planai is the centre of the freestyle universe. Every year, the wide-ranging setup consisting of kickers and jibs catapults you into a state of weightlessness. Besides the fat setup, there are also some event classics like the Girls Shred Sessions, the Blue Tomato Kidsday, Cash 4 Tricks and the Rookie-Slopestyle Contest Plan P which promise "having a big time".

For information and updates regarding the park setup, check out the the homepage, Facebook or Instagram. Don't forget to tag Superpark Planai on your park shots. Use either @superparkplanai or the hashtag #superparkplanai and with a bit of luck you will end up in our story or newsfeed.

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Ma, 23:03
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Die Planai hat den Betrieb eingestellt. Wir möchten uns bei allen für einen tollen Winter bedanken!

Superpark Planai

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As one of the first QParks ever, Superpark Planai is an institution in the Austrian freestyle scene. However, before the shapecrew could start engraving a decent setup into the snow, the Schladminger Bergbahnen had to lay some groundwork. By working on one of the biggest projects of terrain optimization in the german-speaking world, they created the appropriate area for a brilliant snowpark. In numbers, the summerly mounds equal a reduction of 60% of the needed snow for the park in the winter. So the Superpark does not need more than 70 cm of average snow depth to shine in all its glory. And that is the reason why it can open its gates at a relatively early time.

Beginner Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Beginner Schnee-Elemente Wave 6m (Specials)
Beginner Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Beginner Schnee-Elemente Wave 6m (Specials)
Beginner Box Flat 3m (Box)
Beginner Box Elephant 6m (Box)
Beginner Box Flat 4m (Box)
Medium Area Box Down 8m (Box)
Medium Area Box Flat 6m (Box)
Medium Area Jib Jersey Barrier 1,5m (Specials)
Medium Area Jib Pole Jam 1m (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Mini Hip 5m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Roller 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Roller 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Roller 9m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Roller 9m (Kicker)
Medium Area Post Box Double Step 9m (Rail)
Medium Area Post Box Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down 6m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down/Donkeyout 7m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Flat 6m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Flat 7m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Rainbow 6m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Stepdown 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Special Ski Amadé Cube 1m (Specials)
Medium Area Tube Down 6m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Tube Flat 6m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Tube Step 10m (Pipeslide)

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