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Your holiday in the Ammergau Alps

In the triangle between Munich, Zugspitze, Neuschwanstein and in the heart of the Bavarian Alps located, the picturesque holiday region Ammergau Alps is the largest contiguous protected area in Bavaria.

Even King Ludwig II. fell in love with this beautiful landscape. Well-maintained hiking trails give a clear view on natural meadows and forests. Cable cars and lifts run in summer and winter on the Ammergau mountains. Absolute highlight are trips to the nearby castles of Linderhof and Neuschwanstein or to the famous churches and monasteries.

A tour through Oberammergau with the worth seeing "Lüftlmalereien", the Oberammergau Museum and the Passion Play round up each visit.

"Active travel", "Time to relax" and "Cultural holiday" - these are the three pillars on which the Ammergau Alps touristic programs are based and contribute to the inspiring soul, body and mind.

The whole holiday region pursues a common goal. To do everything for the welfare and health of the guests!

Ammergau Alps - The "Time to relax" region
Experience spas the Ammergau Alps as islands of calm in the current everyday. Under caring hands let go and recharge in a comfortable environment. Selected Time to relax - hosts will be adjusted to your needs and offer a refined and relaxing atmosphere, everything supports you out of everyday life: special wellness and health programs, oases of peace and a healthy diet.

Ammergau Alps - The "Active travel" region
Swimming, hiking, biking, holiday fun - no matter what you do, the Ammergau Alps offers something suitable for you. Swim in the lake Soier or in the Spa Wellenberg, you can take a leisurely hike through the Graswangtal to Linderhof or climb to the summits of the Alps, Oberammergau - the possibilities are endless.
Also bike lovers are in good hands and the region. Worthwhile goals are found: natural spectacles such as the Scheibum, our cultural monuments like the Ettal Abbey and the Oberammergau Passion Theater.
Pubs restaurants invite you to linger.

In the cold season the Ammergau Alps charm as a true winter wonderland: Approximately 150 km of perfectly groomed trails are waiting for you - an awarded cross-country paradise with 4* by ADAC. The trail network offers attractive cross-country trails with stunning views. Those who like it a bit more exciting, there are the family ski resorts on the Kolben, on the Hoernle, the sun lifts and on Steckenberg*. For the ultimate thrill and quite popular with freeriders, the Laber offers the steepest downhill freeride runs. Relaxing holiday from its active site.

Ammergau Alps - the "Cultural holiday" region
The Ammertaler are proud of their heritage and maintain their traditions with heart and dedication. The men and women are wearing their costumes on Sundays and public holidays: The so called "Dirndl" for women, traditional jacket and so called "Haferlschuh" (shoes) for men dominate the picture - they keep the real thing alive.
The groups of the Gebirgsschützen, the Trachtenvereine, the Goaßlschnalzer, the Köhler, the carvers and the Stoaheigler (Wetzsteinmacher) - no tradition that can not overlook venerable history.
All have their roots in the history of the Ammergau Alps. The home in the evenings Ammertal entertain with rustic humor and hearty songs. The so called Stubenmusi preserves the legacy of true folk music.
Numerous Fronleichnamsproszessionen, the traditional fire to honor King Ludwig and the Leonhardiritt : examples of rooted tradition, lived honestly and unadulterated.
Customs, traditions and custom care - for the inhabitants of Oberammergau Alps this is more than a legacy, it's a promise for future generations to respect the old and to preserve and also welcome the new being open-minded.

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