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There are two interesting and varied themed hiking trails in Auberg.

The Legends and Myths Trail with a length of approx. 10 km and the Dream Trail with 5.5 km.

*Auberg the cradle of hops

In the 12th century, hop growing was already mentioned in documents in our region. In 1880 there were 1000 hectares of hops in the Rohrbach district, today only about 1/10 of that. Hops have been planted at Saxenhoferhaus and Saxenhofer-Hofstatt for generations.

Persons harvesting hops In 1938, after Austria was incorporated into the German Reich, a clearing order for hops in the Mühlviertel was issued in the course of the planned economy of the then 3rd Reich; a clearing premium of 1 Reichsmark was paid per hive. This meant the end of Austrian hop growing and for seven years (1938-1945) there was no hop growing in the Mühlviertel. Mr. Georg Engleder, then owner of the Saxenhoferhaus and its farm, was an ardent advocate of this type of cultivation and in 1945, after Austria's separation from the Third Reich, he immediately started growing hops again on his own responsibility.

Because hops were in short supply, the government increasingly promoted hop growing in the Mühlviertel, especially in the Rohrbach district, under pressure from the breweries. The preparatory work that the Engleder family had done in this respect was very beneficial for the reintroduction. Thus one can rightly say that the resumption of hop growing after the war originated in the community of Auberg. In January 1951 the first purchase contract with the breweries was signed and in November the hop-growing cooperative was founded under the leadership of Georg Engleder. Between 20 and 30 % of the Austrian brewing industry's own requirements are covered by Mühlviertel hops.

This great importance of hops for the municipality of Auberg was also symbolised by the fact that the Auberg municipal coat of arms features a hop cone.

Text: www.auberg.at

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