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Brežice is an economic, administrative and cultural center of the surrounding environment and is located near the confluence of the rivers Sava and Krka, on a tectonic fault below Gorjanci.

Brežice with its castle was once the administrative center of Salzburg archbishops. Through the village was a trading route of Carniola and Styria. The settlement was first mentioned in 1241 and already become town in 1322. In recent decades, the urban area has spread beyond the valley terrace to 2 km from the train station and along the roads to Bizeljskem and Dobovi.

The city has some industries (furniture, metal industry), operates the wholesale (eg wine), as well as the sectors manufacturing, services and transport. In Brežice is also a general hospital situated, established since 1872, that is covering the needs of Posavje and the wider environment.

Culturally, there is the Posavski Museum in the castle Brežice Brežice and high school is a center of education. In the city there are two important churches.

The parish church of St. Lawrence in the heart of the city was finally built after severe epidemics that have plagued the city in 1782. The church is one of 20 protected Baroque churches in the country.

There is also an interesting water tower that is visible from a distance and one of the last two in Slovenia.


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Kapcsolat Brežice

Gubčeva ulica 10A, SI-8250 Brežice

+386 80 34 24

Kérdés és Prospektusrendelés

Helységek Spodnjeposavska


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