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The s'Innviertel - surprisingly different

The days in the beer region Innviertel between the cities of Salzburg and Passau are actively relaxed. The area not only unites the natural jewels Kobernaußerwald and European reserve Unterer Inn, but also includes an extensive network of running and Nordic walking trails, the "movement arenas", as well as numerous bike paths and a mountain bike arena.

In general, the Innviertel has a variety of "energy stations" to recharge your personal batteries: rolling hills, forests and meadows, clear rivers and lakes, well-developed cycling and hiking trails, silent monasteries, convivial people, fine arts and culture and culinary delights from the kitchen and cellar.

Rest, recharge your batteries, enjoy and get well. The Innviertel is made for it. Competent health and wellness oases provide each in their own way for energy and well-being. Thus each house offers different offers according to the needs and the respective time window: Villa Vitalis Aspach, Revital Aspach and SPA Resort Therme Geinberg or Geinberg5.

  • Innviertel delicacies *

Eating and drinking keep body and soul together: this is particularly true in the Innviertel, where it has always been important to have something good in the glass and on the plate. The Innviertler kitchen is down to earth, hearty and tastes. With great tact, top chefs interpret "grandma's recipes" creatively, new and easily. From a simple tavern to a cozy cider bar to gourmet food, the Innviertel cooks for every taste and budget.

  • Culture at its best *

In s'Innviertel you will find culture at its best. Whether classical concert, G'stanzlsingen, brass band festival or cabaret stage - every taste is served.

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