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Holidays in the unique valley

When you cross the German Austrian boarder at the Walserschanze you will have a view of one of the most beautiful high mountain valleys in the Alps. You can only reach the Austrian Kleinwalsertal from Germany. The valley contains three villages Riezlern, Hirschegg and Mittelberg. It sits at an altitude of between 1086 m to 2536 m and promises an enjoyable holiday for every taste.

Your hiking paradise

The Kleinwalsertal mountains have a vast range of trails. About 150 km of hiking trails, walkways, climbing tracks, one or multiday hikes or guided tours: The Mountain School program offers every alpine adventure you are looking for. You can traverse over the Alps, go on a private guided tour to the top of the Matterhorn or experience the Walser trail. The Mountain School also offers every Monday to Friday eleven biking tours and mountain hikes which are free of charge for guests with the Allgäu Walser guest card.

Enduro Kleinwalsertal

Our bike-map, which can be found at our tourism office, recommends tours for your individual needs and ability. The trails are between 11 and 72 km long and have a vertical height between 200 m and 2200 m. There is also a little bike park in Hirschegg-Au which has an obstacle course with curves and jumps which provides challenges and variety. There are several Bike Service Stations at various huts to do small repairs.

Burmis Adventure World

During the summer and autumn holidays your children can join exciting adventures in the mountains with Burmi our mascot the marmot.
Burmi accompanies the children to the adventure stations. There are a large variety of family programs that everyone will love, the children can climb with professional guides, make a bonfire or experience a day of wilderness.

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