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Navis - the valley of the alpine pastures.

With its beautiful farms, the many alpine pastures and the magnificent mountain ridge, it forms a popular and peaceful holiday resort. The widely scattered farms lie on the sunny side. Ancient mountain farming is at home here. Many farms have been owned by the same families for centuries. The main wealth of Navis has been the large and wide alpine pasture area since ancient times.

Marked hiking trails lead past lively mountain streams, initially through dense forests, then onto the open mountain meadows and the easy-to-climb mountain peaks. The Almenrunde in Navis is particularly recommendable - either on foot or by (e-)bike. On the approx. three to four-hour hike you pass several alpine pastures that invite you to stop for a bite to eat.

In the meadow at the bottom of the valley there is also a very special "Kraftplatzl". There, on a flat area directly next to the rushing stream, there is a fitness mile with various stations.

E-bike rental in the village:
E-bike reservation: Tel. 0664-2427455 (Walli Geir).
Rental location: 6145 Navis, Dorfplatz (next to Raika)

You can find more information at

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Tourismusverband Wipptal
Rathaus, A-6150 Steinach am Brenner

+43 5272 6270
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