Bucklige Welt - Wiener Alpen

400 - 900m
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Bucklige Welt - Wiener Alpen
400 - 900m

Summer Freshness in the Buckligen Welt

Come to yourself.

A long history connects the summer retreat with the Viennese Alps - and yet it is now more topical than ever.

When the streets are sweltering and the oppressive heat makes you tired, all you want to do is get out: Out of the city and into nature. Refreshment, peace and relaxation await you here.
Summer freshness reloaded

The dusty image of the traditional summer retreat has long since disappeared - summer retreat today means shady spots, cool mornings and balmy summer evenings. In addition, there is cultural enjoyment, rustling leaves and family-friendly discovery trails.

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Tourismusverband Bucklige Welt
Ransdorf 20, A-2813 Lichtenegg

+43 2643 701019
+43 2643 701032

Kérdés és Prospektusrendelés

Hegyi pályák Nyári nyitvatartás
  • Mönichkirchen / Mariensee
    29.04.2023 - 29.10.2023 (1 Lift)
  • Familienskiland St. Corona am Wechsel
    26.03.2022 - 13.11.2022 (1 Lift)
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