Kräuterregion Wechselland

Logó Kräuterregion Wechselland
Logó Kräuterregion Wechselland

Welcome to the Styrian Wechselland!

In this region, tradition, tranquil security, hospitality and the seductive landscape make vacation dreams come true. Simply stroll through the meadows and forests, enjoy the fresh air and the tranquillity of this unique region - that's all you need here. Or you can add a touch of culture, tradition, hospitality and leisure fun.

This densely wooded hilly landscape is home to magnificent flora and fauna. With gentle mobility, guests in Wechselland can enjoy well-signposted cycling, riding, educational and hiking trails and many other sports and leisure activities. The right therapy for city neurotics and for people who know how to enjoy life. Anyone who no longer knows what silence sounds like will find it again on a stroll through Wechselland.

The wonderful hiking, cycling and riding region in the eastern corner of Styria enchants with small and large highlights and ensures unforgettable vacation experiences. Each of the five towns in the region has something special to offer its guests. The town center of Friedberg with the Thonet Museum for bentwood furniture and the folk music villages with a rural structure Schäffern and Dechantskirchen provide the traditional part of this region. Pinggau stands out as a leisure paradise with its swimming and leisure center. The flower village of St. Lorenzen am Wechsel is a beautiful starting point for many hikes.

But what they all have in common is this unmistakable landscape and the extremely endearing hospitality.

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Kräuterregion Wechselland
Kräuterregion Wechselland

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Kräuterregion Wechselland
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