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BERGFEX: Síterület St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm - Síszabadság St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm - Wintersportgebiet St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

Síterület St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

St. Jakob im Defereggental /...

1.400 - 2.525m

Pályaterv Síterület St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

Újítások St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

This is only available only with the SkiHit: teenagers up to 18 years travel at the child rate!

Síterület St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

Skiing pleasure in St. Jakob in the Defereggen valley

Don’t just look, ski!
It’s easy to describe what’s in store for skiers on the Brunnalm in St. Jakob. Every ski enthusiast and nature lover feels at ease here. A fantastic panoramic view of numerous 3,000 m peaks forms the backdrop to the ski-runs, which have all been awarded the Tyrolean seal of approval.
St. Jakob certainly lives up to its reputation as a family-oriented ski resort. Reliable, responsible childcare by trained skiing instructors, family-friendly slopes in sun-drenched spots and attractive kid’s rates make it popular with both children and parents. At Christmas, in the school holidays and at Easter, the Brunnalm is home to a host of interesting characters. The children’s task is to catch up with Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and three clowns in order to win a delicious prize.
A packed event programme is a must for young and old, beginning with a snow rafting competition sponsored by the local newspaper during the Snow Crystal Festival from 8th – 10th December 2006. The Kelag Plusclub is stopping off in St. Jakob for some snow games on 18th February 2007, while Easter Sunday, the 8th April 2007, will witness the Defereggen valley’s 2nd “Beck’n – fleck’n” (“Basin-blotching”) competition, during which skiers or snowboarders have to cross a 13 m long water basin.
The Brunnalm in St. Jakob is also home to a “really cool” fun park, as the boarders fondly call it. However, guests can also treat themselves to a spot of off-piste relaxation on the Brunnalm. Here, a wide selection of hearty East Tyrolean fare and a friendly welcome for every guest is de rigueur.

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Síterület St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm

Außerrotte 33, A-9963 St. Jakob im Defereggental

+43 (0)4873 5274
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